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Amateur Meteorology Club (Autistic NYC)

Meetings this month and next

The meetings listed below are online chat meetings (text-based). To view the meeting details (including a link to our chatroom), you must first join the Autistic in NYC / Queens group (and be logged in to if you have not done so already.

If you are planning to attend any of these chat meetings, please RSVP on the relevant page.

Other announcements

About the Amateur Meteorology Club

The Amateur Meteorology Club is the first of, hopefully, eventually many hobby-oriented social groups for adults on the autism spectrum here in the NYC area.

The Amateur Meteorology Club will, at least for now, hold text-based chats on the third Monday of each month. Please RSVP via Meetup. Currently we use the Autistic In NYC / Queens groups site. (Eventually a separate Meetup group may be created, if and when this group gets big enough to justify it.)

After the COVID crisis is over, we probably will not be holding very many in-person events of our own, but we will occasionally go together as a group to relevant larger scientific events, and we will probably continue to hold online chats.

Also, we will encourage our members to attend the National Weather Service's annual training sessions for weather spotters that take place every year, usually in late spring. (See also the Weather spotter training section of our Tutorials and educational resources page.)

If you have any other ideas for things you would like us to do, please post them on our Meetup message board here (after first logging in to Meetup and joining the Autistic In NYC / Queens groups Meetup group, if you have not done so already).

In between meetings, you may wish to look at the following:


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