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Resources and new ideas for the autistic adult community in the New York City metro area.

What's new on Autistic in NYC

NY State "Autism Council" bill

January 25, 2020:  There is now a bill that has been introduced in the New York State Senate, S04750, which would establish a New York State Autism Council. There are problems with this bill, about which I've posted on my Wordpress blog. Please pass this link along to anyone you know who is concerned about the rights of autistic people.

If you live in New York State and you wish to take further action, you may find your NY State senator here.

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This website on your phone

January 11, 2020:  Over the past two days, I've worked on improving the version of this site that appears on most mobile phones. At the dinner after the Aspies for Social Success meeting on Wednesday, January 8, several people told me that the PC (desktop/laptop/tablet) version of this site looked better on their phones than the phone version did! Obviously the phone version needed vast improvement.

If you know me in person, expect me to ask you for the privilege of seeing how this website looks on your phone. In the meantime, if we're in touch by email, please let me know if the phone version is at least decent looking on your phone, and hopefully better-looking than the PC version.

Ideally, this site should be easily readable without any need for zooming in, horizontal scrolling, or landscape mode. Also, the site menu is now near the top of the page, whereas the miscellaneous boilerplate links (at the top right corner in the PC version) are now near the bottom in the phone version.

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Lists of local NYC-area resources

January 10, 2020:  The following pages are still very incomplete and still very much under construction:

If your group or service is listed on one of the above pages, please let me know if your listing is accurate or not. If your group or service is not yet listed and you want it to be listed, please contact me about that too.

Eventually I plan to add lists of various other kinds of resources to this site also, but I'll be fleshing out the above lists first. My longterm plans for this site are discussed on the About this website page and in the Longterm visions section.

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Queens group Meetup site: Next meeting Wed. Feb. 5

January 7, 2020:  I've created a Meetup site for the Queens discussion group.

Currently the Queens group is having a series of discussions about friendship. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, February 5, and the next meeting after that is scheduled for Wednesday, March 4. If you plan to attend, please RSVP, either via the Meetup site or via my contact info here.

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Hello, world!

Late December 2019:  This is the beginning of what hopefully will eventually become a very useful website. It's not yet ready for public consumption, but, if you're listed here, please let me know if your listing is accurate. Feedback on the physical appearance of this site is also welcome.

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Featured page:  Where to get an ASD evaluation as an adult.

It's not easy to find psychotherapists who are qualified to diagnose autism spectrum disorder, especially in adults.

On the above-linked page is a preliminary list of places where some members of local support groups obtained their diagnoses. Soon this list will be updated to include many more places and, for those already listed, more information about insurance, other reduced-cost options, etc.