Autistic in NYC

Resources and new ideas for the autistic adult community in the New York City metro area.

Ways to contact the author of this website

You can contact me (Mona Pereth) privately online in the following ways:

We can exchange email addresses after a brief mutual introduction via one of the above sites.

To comment publicly about my website and make sure I see it (eventually):

PLEASE NOTE: I'm a very busy person AND I have some of the usual autistic executive functioning difficulties. Therefore, I'm not on any of the above media every day, and I'm often slow or intermittent about responding to messages. If I appear to be ghosting you, it's probably NOT personal. If there's something important you really need to tell me or ask me, feel free to contact me via multiple media and/or send me a reminder if you haven't heard from me after several days.

After the pandemic is over with, you can also meet me in-person at the Queens discussion group and sometimes at Wednesday support group meetings of Aspies for Social Success.

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