Autistic in NYC

Resources and new ideas for the autistic adult community in the New York City metro area.

Other autistic peer-led support groups and social activities

Below are peer support groups and social groups that are led/facilitated by and for people on the autism spectrum, but which are not affiliated with this website, and whose leaders/facilitators are not core members of the Autistic Peer Leadership Group. (Groups led or facilitated by members of the Autistic Peer Leadership Group are listed on a separate page here.)

The groups listed below are not led/facilitated by psychotherapists. (Groups led/facilitated by psychotherapists and other professionals are listed on a separate page here)

Within each category below, groups are listed in the order in which they were founded, oldest first.

Groups for all verbal autistic adults

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Groups for specific demographics (e.g. women, young adults

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Demographically limited subgroups of the more general groups

As other similar groups form, they will be listed here.

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