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Amateur meteorology club (Autistic NYC): Maps and predictions

Below is a collection of links to weather maps, predictions, and other data that some of us may want to refer to during our chat meetings.

If there are any maps or other data sources you would like us to add, please post the URLs on our Meetup message board. Also, if you would like us to add your local forecast pages (on both the NWS and various other forecast sites), please let us know your ZIP code.

National Weather Service (NWS) / NOAA

Local forecasts:

NWS Radar:   Map   FAQ

Weather Prediction Center (national forecast)

Surface analysis (WPC):

Ocean Prediction Center, including "unified analysis" of East coast and USA East

Upper air charts (explained here), at four observation times per day, Universal Time:

To find upper air charts via the Model Guidance page:

  1. Under "Model Type," click "GFS" or "NAM" (or some other model if desired)
  2. Under "Model Area," click "NAMER" for North America (or some other area if desired)
  3. Under "Cycles", click one of the four observation times, in UT. The most recent observation time will be on top and in red font.
  4. Click one of the links under "Upper Air"
  5. Under the "Forecast Hours" that will now appear at the bottom, click "000" for the original map, or another number for that many hours after the observation time.

National Hurricane Center

Storm Prediction Center, including Convective outlooks and Current watches

Latest satellite CONUS  (Aviation Weather Center):  Visible  Infrared (B/W)  Infrared (Color)  Water vapor

Latest satellite Eastern CONUS  (GOES):  Visible  Infrared (B/W)  Water vapor

Climate Prediction Center, including Outlook maps, graphs, and tables

ENSO:   ONI   Diagnostic discussion   Blog   Portal   CPC

Spotter Training Schedule (local NYC metro) and Spotter Reference materials (NWS in Norman, Oklahoma, but used elsewhere in the U.S.A. too)

Weather Underground

Local forecasts:


Local forecasts:

Weather Channel

Local forecasts:


Airport forecasts (tables):

University websites (Wyoming, Washington, Yale)

University of Wyoming:   Weather Web, including Upper air maps and other Upper air data.

University of Washington:   Data & Forecasts, including National Data

Yale University:   Yale Climate Connections

Some local meteorologists

Weather Updates 24/7 by Joe Cioffi

NY NJ PA Weather by Steve DeMartino

Interactive and animated map sites

VentuSky (see local map

Miscellaneous sites

Tropical Tidbits


New York City Sea Temperature on the World Sea Temperatures website.

YouTube channel: Severe Weather Center.

Climeate Reanalyzer. See especially Today's weather maps.

Weather Spark

Visual Crossing Weather, including What was the weather on a certain date?



Online forums

Tri-State Weather forum

Arctic Sea Ice Forum (associated with Arctic Sea Ice Blog) - the "Independent Weather Enthusiast's Forum"

Featured pages: