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Resources and new ideas for the autistic adult community in the New York City metro area.

Amateur meteorology club (Autistic NYC): Tutorials and educational resources

Listed below is a variety of educational material, both video and text-based.

The top category contains brief, intuitive, relatively non-technical overviews. After that, the weather spotter training material also is relatively non-technical, though more in-depth. Then, below the weather spotter stuff and some links to other NWS volunteer programs, this page lists some online textbooks and video sequences, arranged in three categories by academic level:  gradeschool, then college non-science major, and then college science major. Then, finally, some miscellaneous resources.

Basic introductory meteorology tutorials (brief)

Below are some brief, intuitive overviews.

Weather spotter training by the National Weather Service

The National Weather Service (NWS) needs trained volunteers to be its eyes and ears regarding severe thunderstorms, flash floods, and other highly localized weather events. Many (though not all) autistic people are detail-oriented enough to be excellent weather spotters.

To be trained, you need to attend a class, usually offered during the spring (and offered online during the COVID crisis). Before attending the class, it's a good idea to read the material below.

Other NWS volunteer programs

Introductory online meteorology textbooks and video series (gradeschool level)

Although gradeschool level, it's a good idea for adults to read this stuff too, before taking a deep dive into the college-level stuff further down on this page.

Introductory online meteorology textbooks and video series (college level, for non-science majors)

Below are detailed, systematic introductions to meteorology, each the equivalent of a college meteorology intro course for non-majors.

(But even if you're college level, it's probably a good idea to go through the gradeschool-level tutorials, above, before delving into the items below.)

Online meteorology textbooks and video series (college level, for science majors)

Below is meteorology tutorial material aimed at science majors.

(But, even if you have a strong science and math background, it's probably still a good idea to start with the more intuitive, less technical stuff above, before you get into the material below.)

Other educational resources

Below are collections of miscellaneous resources.


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