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Autism Politics Discussion Group (Autistic NYC)

Meetings this month and next

The meetings listed below are online chat meetings (text-based). To view the meeting details (including a link to our chatroom), you must first join the Autistic in NYC / Queens group (and be logged in to if you have not done so already.

If you are planning to attend any of our chat meetings, please RSVP on the relevant page.

About the Autism Politics Discussion Group

The Autism Politics Discussion Group is not an advocacy/activist group. It's a group in which we can discuss political and social issues pertaining to autism, including controversies about topics such as the following:

Political topics not directly related to autism should not be discussed here, but should be discussed in the separate General Societal/Political Discussion Group.

Although this group is not primarily a support group, one of its purposes is to help us figure out ways to communicate effectively with other people in our lives about controversial matters related to autism. We will also treat our group meetings as an exercise in improving our communication with each other.

The first few meetings, at least, will emphasize the question of how to keep our discussions civil and how to discuss our differences in a way that leads to mutual understanding rather than hurt feelings. We will examine methodologies such as the Socratic method, and we will discuss such questions as which sources (if any) we consider to be reliable and why.

At least for now, the Autism Politics Discussion Group will hold text-based chats on the last Thursday of each month. Please RSVP via Meetup. Currently we use the Autistic In NYC / Queens groups site. (Eventually a separate Meetup group may be created, if and when this group gets big enough to justify it.)

As the COVID crisis winds down, we will decide whether and if so when and where to hold in-person meetings. We will probably continue to hold text-based chats as well.


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