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Resources and new ideas for the autistic adult community in the New York City metro area.

Other tutorials for leaders/facilitators

Below are the beginnings of a list of online tutorials on miscellaneous topics useful to leaders/facilitators of autistic peer-led groups.

Tutorials on other topics will be added later.

History of autism and the autistic community

How to write a press release

There are lots of tutorials on the web about press releases, with somewhat different takes.

First, here's a general tutorial on press releases by a very experienced PR consultant:

Note that he voices some opinions about formatting that are a bit different from many of the other tutorials on this page, such as the relative position of the end marker (e.g. "###") and the contact info at the end.

Below are some tutorials on press releases for nonprofit organizations, specifically:

One of these articles mentions the AP Style Book -- the online edition of which is paywalled. But the AP Style Book's blog is publicly viewable, as is its Twitter account.

Another article mentions the AP style rules for the dateline, which are paraphrased here: How to Format a Press Release Dateline With AP Style by Anthony Santiago, Newswire, April 19th, 2018

The remaining tutorials are about press releases from businesses. But the same basic principles still apply.

From Wikihow:

From PRWeb:

From Media College:

From Prowly:

Various press release how-to:

Various articles about common mistakes in press releases:

One important type of press release that is not mentioned in the above tutorials: A press release whose purpose is to express an opinion. For this, at least one quote is required, and is the part of the press release most likely to get used. Also the press release must be a timely response to a news story on the same topic, and must be sent to the reporter who wrote the news story. (For most mass media sources, "timely" means within 24 hours and preferably within 12 hours.)

Mutual aid societies

One of the types of groups we eventually want to create are mutual aid groups.

Mutual aid groups for autistic people:

Featured pages: