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Autistic Parents' Support Group

Meetings this month and next

The meetings listed below are online chat meetings (text-based). To view the meeting details (including a link to our chatroom), you must first join our group (and be logged in to if you have not done so already.

About the Autistic Parents' Support Group

The Autistic Parents' Support Group is an autistic peer-led group of parents who are, themselves, on the autism spectrum. (Their children may, or may not, be autistic too.) The group's purpose is to support each other in coping with the responsibilities of being a parent..

We aim to be a demographically diverse group, welcoming autistic parents of all ages (18+), races, national origins, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

Meeting times will be listed, for now, on the Meetup site of Autistic in NYC / Queens.

Some relevant online resources.

Below are resources we think many autistic parents will find helpful and/or relatable.

Note: We do not necessarily endorse the entire contents (including wording choices and larger agendas) of all of the resources below. However, if you feel or believe that any of the articles below contain anything harmful or offensive, please feel free to bring this up in one of our chat meetings.

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