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Free/Libre Open Source Software

These days, to get a job as a programmer, it is very helpful to have experience contributing to free/libre open source software (FLOSS, a.k.a. FOSS) projects. Below is a list of pages explaining why this is the case and advising programmers on how to obtain FLOSS/FOSS experience.

There are also some ways to earn money (though, usually, not a lot of money) by working on open-source projects:

More about open-source software generally:

One of ATNYCA's eventual aims is to facilitate the creation of small teams of programmers and aspiring programmers who work on open-source projects (volunteer or paid) together, either as part of larger already-existing projects or as the originators of their own projects helpful to one or more members of ATNYCA.

Such teams could be an important stepping stone toward the creation or expansion of new autistic-friendly programming consulting firms, as well as a good resume item for those of us seeking jobs at traditional software companies.

Featured pages: