Autistic in NYC

Resources and new ideas for the autistic adult community in the New York City metro area.

Chatroom for the Queens discussion group

At scheduled times, a simple text-based chatroom will be made available on this page for support group meetings of the Queens discussion group.

Our first chat meeting is on Tuesday, April 7. Please RSVP on

We will try using both the very simple chatroom on this page and a more sophisticated text-based Zulip chatroom. See this page about the Zulip chatroom. We will NOT be using video chat, at least for now.


The chatroom is not currently available. It will be available during, and for an hour or two before and after, scheduled group chat meetings.


The Queens discusion group will be using this chatroom and/or the Zulip chatroom as a temporary replacement for in-person meetings during the CoViD-19 crisis. After the crisis is over, we might continue to use it as a way to stay in touch between in-person meetings.

Featured page:  Where to get an ASD evaluation as an adult.

It's not easy to find psychotherapists who are qualified to diagnose autism spectrum disorder, especially in adults.

On the above-linked page is a preliminary list of places where some members of local support groups obtained their diagnoses. Soon this list will be updated to include many more places and, for those already listed, more information about insurance, other reduced-cost options, etc.