Autistic in NYC

Resources and new ideas for the autistic adult community in the New York City metro area.

Zulip chat for Autistic in NYC

To help incubate the various kinds of groups this site calls for the formation of, a Zulip chat site has been set up.

Members of the Queens discussion group and others are invited to use our Zulip chat site to hold online meetings of whatever kinds of groups they want to form, e.g. groups devoted to particular hobbies/interests or groups devoted to particular categories of professions / occupations /jobs.

It is our hope that, once the CoViD-19 crisis is over with, some of these groups will be big enough to hold in-person meetings. As groups form, announcements will be posted on this page.

To protect your privacy

For now, anyone can join our Zulip chat site. (Eventually we'll make it by-invitation-only, to keep out spammers.)

Basic Zulip how-to, and rules for our chatroom

A Zulip chatroom is organized into streams, similar to channels on some other chat sites. You can subscribe to whichever streams you want, and you can unsubscribe from streams you are not interested in.

Once you've registered and then reached the main chat area, here's how to access the streams:

Important information about particular streams:

Topics within a stream, and how to post a chat message:

When participating in a scheduled chat meeting, please follow the group leader's instructions as to (1) how closely messages within a topic should stick to the topic, and (2) whether, and if so how often and under what circumstances, you should be starting new topics.

Note: The chat log is not permanent!:

We are using a free Zulip account, which holds only a limited number of messages. Therefore, we may need to clean it out periodically.

Private messages:

Private messages will probably be disabled most of the time, but will be enabled briefly after meetings so that members can exchange contact info. (They are disabled most of the time to save space on the Zulip server, given the limitations of our free account as noted above.)

Your identity:

As noted earlier, you are welcome to use a pseudonym. However, please do NOT use multiple identities, and do NOT impersonate other people.


Once you are familiar with Zulip chat, you may (optionally) want to download the relevant Zulip app for more convenient use on your smartphone or your laptop/desktop.

Featured page:  Where to get an ASD evaluation as an adult.

It's not easy to find psychotherapists who are qualified to diagnose autism spectrum disorder, especially in adults.

On the above-linked page is a preliminary list of places where some members of local support groups obtained their diagnoses. Soon this list will be updated to include many more places and, for those already listed, more information about insurance, other reduced-cost options, etc.