Autistic in NYC

Resources and new ideas for the autistic adult community in the New York City metro area.

Directions to the Atlantic Diner

Our meetings are currently held at:

Atlantic Diner
111-16 Atlantic Ave. (between 111th and 112th Street)
South Richmond Hill, NY

It is strongly preferred that you RSVP rather than show up unannounced, so that we can know how big a table to ask for. Please RSVP via Meetup, or via the contact info here, or via my private email address if you know it. (It is preferred that you RSVP via Meetup.)

Various possible ways to get there by public transportation include:

The Atlantic Diner also has a parking lot and is convenient to get to by car too.

If you haven't met us before, ask the person at the cash register to tell you where to find the "Queens discussion group." Or, if you know me well enough to have my cell number, call me instead, if you have trouble finding us, to avoid unnecessarily bothering the diner staff.

The Atlantic Diner is a relatively uncrowded diner, with relatively non-harsh lighting.

We know that meeting at a diner -- any diner -- isn't adequate for those autistic people who have severe sensory sensitivities or difficulty filtering noise. We'll seek a better venue when we are sufficiently well-established to be taken seriously by potential funding sources.

Featured page:  Where to get an ASD evaluation as an adult.

It's not easy to find psychotherapists who are qualified to diagnose autism spectrum disorder, especially in adults.

On the above-linked page is a preliminary list of places where some members of local support groups obtained their diagnoses. Soon this list will be updated to include many more places and, for those already listed, more information about insurance, other reduced-cost options, etc.