Autistic in NYC

Resources and new ideas for the autistic adult community in the New York City metro area.

Local NYC-area support groups and social activities for adults on the autism spectrum

Currently, the organized autistic adult community in the NYC metro area consists of groups that will be listed on the following pages:

The listings on the above two pages are not complete. At least a few more groups will be added as I track them down and/or verify the info I have about them.

It is my hope that there will eventually be many more (and more specialized) groups. (See Longterm visions.) I plan to be involved in creating an online platform that will make it easier for groups of autisitc people to organize.

Unless otherwise indicated, groups listed on the above pages are not affiliated with this website.


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Featured page:  Where to get an ASD evaluation as an adult.

It's not easy to find psychotherapists who are qualified to diagnose autism spectrum disorder, especially in adults.

On the above-linked page is a preliminary list of places where some members of local support groups obtained their diagnoses. Soon this list will be updated to include many more places and, for those already listed, more information about insurance, other reduced-cost options, etc.